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President - Wayne Richards

Secretary - Krissy Marshall

Treasurer - Pam Richards

Registrar - Ian Clare

Member Protection Officer - Ben Taylor

Federation Liaison Officer - Krissy Marshall

Social Media Manager - Kylie Timmis

Sponsorship Manager - Maddison Giggins

Fundraising Manager - Jess Laurie

Grant Submissions Coordinator - Teagen Elsley

Ground Coordinator - Garry Johnson

Trial Game Coordinator - Dilan Houston

Merchandise Coordinator - Charlie Keenan

General Committee Members

Wayne Richards, Pam Richards, Krissy Marshall, Kylie Timmis, Teagen Elsley, Garry Johnson, Lisa Gazzard, Peter Woodford, Ian Clare, Jake Styles, Greg Rayment, Gavin McInally, Ben Taylor, Ben Wallace, Dilan Houston, Charlie Keenan, Maddison Giggins, Luke Neylan, Megan Harrington,

Jess Laurie, Eleanor Calderwood, Laura Bradford.

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