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The 10 Year Service Award is awarded to any Player, Coach, Manager, Committee Member or Representative of Mayfield United SFC who has completed 10 years of service with the club. This was first awarded in 2017 for 10 years of service after 2007.

Lisa Gazzard, Leanne MacCullagh, Danielle Orme, Sarah Talbot, Kylie Timmis, Kathleen Tselembis

Ian Clare, Janette Cowan, Guy Cox, Daniel Di Paolo, Aaron Percival

Matt Jenkins, Greg Rayment

Ryan Chan, Adam Grabda, Mitchell Gray, Brett Inglis, Sam Jenkins, Sean Lewis, Pam Richards, Wayne Richards, Jacob Robinson, Trevor Stuart, Ben Taylor, Mark Walsh, Michelle Wickham, Stan Wilnierak, Peter Woodford

Joshua Bailey, Alex Davidson, Matt Gourley, Damien Hill, Nathan Masters, Stewart Pennington, Peter Terry, Morgan Weber

Brendan Fry, Gavin McInally, Luke Neylan, Phil Raftos, Adrian Woodman

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