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Life Membership is an honour bestowed on individual members whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service & contribution has provided immeasurable benefit to Mayfield United SFC over an extended period of time.

We would like to thank the following life members without whom the club would not be what it is today. On behalf of every player and every committee member past & present...THANK YOU

Phil Bates

Paul Britton

Arthur Burrows (Dec)

Ian Clare

Lisa Gazzard

Bill Jones (Dec)

Gavin McInally

Greg Moore

Jack Pitt (Dec)

Reg Richards (Dec)

Jacob Robinson

John Soars

Peter Terry

Stan Wilnierak

Ray Bower

Wayne Bull (Dec)

Winifred Burt (Dec)

Bob Evans

Stephen Gazzard

Phil Koina

Jim McInally

Min Nott (Dec)

Sean Radley

Wayne Richards

John Scott

Pam Richards

Kylie Timmis

Peter Bradshaw (Dec)

Bill Burns

Ron Carmen (Dec)

Greg Farrow

Kerry Harrison

Vicki Koina

Tom McInally (Dec)

Dick Pitt (Dec)

Pam Richards

Don Roberts

Glenn Simcoe

Paul Sparke

Mark Walsh

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